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        Fuzhou Ultra Precision Machinery Co; Ltd.

        Our Fuzhou Ultra Precision Machinery is located Jinan Dist. Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, china ,with over 20 years experience in production cam & groove couplings, valves ,and other OEM component manufacturers,Our customer base includes marine and oil exploration, bulk transporters, bunkering vessels owners.......

          Our To select the cam and groove coupling according to the working machine load characteristics. Usually constant torque machine uses a torque limiting cam and groove couplings, and working machine direct connection type, parabolic load multi transferring speed hydraulic ......

        >Fuzhou Ultra Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.
        >ADD:No.61 Dongshan Village Gushan,Jinan Dist.Fuzhou
        >Skype:+86 138 0506 7802

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